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automatic compact Pizza moulder


The Compact Automatic Stendipizza PS30C was created for the production of pizza, piadina, arabic bread, sardinian bread, pita bread and other similar products.

It fits in small and medium size workshops and laboratories.

The control panel is equipped with a color touch-screen multilingual interface, where it is possible to set the working parameters and with the possibility to store them in the recipes data.

When the machine is not used it is possible to close the automatic feeder and the discharge conveyor to limit its overall dimensions.

The machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 with waterjet cut, folded and electro-welded.

All components in contact with the product are certified for food use.

The machine can stand on top of his six feet or mounted on its support accessory.


The machine has a dough’s portions loading belt with pre-pressing belts device. As an accessory, an automatic dough feeder is available; a first pair of adjustable calibrating rollers, with a width of 250mm, unload the product on the sliding collector belt which transports it to a second pair of 400mm-width adjustable calibrating rollers; the product thus formed is collected by the discharging conveyor that can stop itself so that the operator can fill the pizza or it can perform other jobs and then unload the product. As an accessory, an unloading conveyor speed controller is available.

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  • 3 ottobre

    Transportable Module

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With an experience of over 40 years, PANATTREZZI build machines designed for processing bread, breadsticks, piadina, pizza and other flatbreads, distinguishing themselves for their resilience and reliability and developed with cutting-edge technology. The machines’ structureworks are entirely made of stainless steel, wheel-mounted for assisted movement, partially foldable to reduce their volume when not used. Conveyor belts and surfaces meet all health and hygiene standards and are suitable for contact with food, easy to clean after use.

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