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Since 45 years, our range of machines for bread and pastry making satisfies the needs of all kind of businesses, from small artisanal workshops to the industrial plant, from restaurants to bakery and pastry shops.

Our range of products covers every need in this particular market, starting from basic tools enhanced with precision technologies, like our mixers and kneading machines, to production lines for Piadina Romagnola or other regional specialties dedicated machines, as Torinese breadsticks, focaccia, Ferrarese bread, Pugliese Tarallo and many more.

Our production, entirely designed and created inside our company, avails itself of cutting-edge technologies to offer a final product that is reliable, robust and characterized by excellence.
Thanks to our internal workshop, we are able to design and sell customized machines and to offer complete assistance and an always careful service.


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    Transportable Module

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With an experience of over 40 years, PANATTREZZI build machines designed for processing bread, breadsticks, piadina, pizza and other flatbreads, distinguishing themselves for their resilience and reliability and developed with cutting-edge technology. The machines’ structureworks are entirely made of stainless steel, wheel-mounted for assisted movement, partially foldable to reduce their volume when not used. Conveyor belts and surfaces meet all health and hygiene standards and are suitable for contact with food, easy to clean after use.

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What We Do

  • Equipment for bakeries, pastries, artisan workshops.

  • Industry level production lines

  • Piadina, pizza, focaccia production systems

  • Equipment for restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias

  • Customised machines and production lines

  • Tailored shop's furniture and equipment

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