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Rubatà breadsticks machine with automatic dish-out


The Rubatà Breadsticks machine with automatic dish-out TG400RI produces rolled Rubatà breadsticks and pressed breadsticks as well.

On request, a flour-spreader is available, to spread flour or semolina on the cut pieces.

The breadsticks machine is equipped with timers to vary the size and speed of production, with a switch that activates the allignment pan and with a dough-thickness regulation lever.

When the breadsticks machine is not used it is possible to close the loading and the discharge conveyors in order to obtain a minimum volume of space when in rest position.

The whole machine’s structure is made of stainless steel  AISI304, waterjet cut, bended and electro-welded.

All parts in contact with product are certified for food use.

The machine is easy to handle because mounted on wheels, two of them with brakes.


Its working is very simple: the dough sheet is let to rest on the loading conveyor that transports it to the calibrating rollers and to the cutting device that consists in a blade with an alternate movement completely similar to the one performed by a man. The cut pieces are moved into the reel system, where they are rolled and then discharged in the alignment pan, preparing them for the next process. The 600x400 mm size pans are to be inserted empty in the loader and collected with the product from the discharge pans extension. When the pans are not in use it is possible to collect the product directly from the pan conveyor.

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With an experience of over 40 years, PANATTREZZI build machines designed for processing bread, breadsticks, piadina, pizza and other flatbreads, distinguishing themselves for their resilience and reliability and developed with cutting-edge technology. The machines’ structureworks are entirely made of stainless steel, wheel-mounted for assisted movement, partially foldable to reduce their volume when not used. Conveyor belts and surfaces meet all health and hygiene standards and are suitable for contact with food, easy to clean after use.

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